How to Look After Your Koba Swimwear

How to Look After Your Koba Swimwear




Give your Koba Swimwear the Love it Deserves 👙


Treating yourself to some new swimwear for your trip away is an exciting part of the whole holiday experience! There's nothing nicer than nailing your bikini fit and look so it's super important to make sure your swimwear has the longest life possible and lasts for more than one season!

Caring for your swimwear not only extends it's life span, it is a positive move for the environment, avoiding fast fashion's cheap, throw-away, disposable culture.

If you are guilty of neglecting your bikinis, update your Koba collection now and follow these tips to make sure they last for plenty of trips!


1.  Hand wash in cold or warm soapy water. After the beach or pool, just pop your swimwear in the sink for 15 minutes to remove all salt water and chlorine plus traces of oils and creams. If you must machine wash use a laundry bag to protect the delicate fabric and trims.    If you don't have time to hand wash, a quick rinse or jump in a cold shower with it on is better than nothing!


2.  Air dry or line dry in a shady spot.  Gently squeeze the water out and don't wring as this can over stretch the fabric.  If the spandex fibres in the fabric are stretched and broken, your bikini will lose its shape. Avoid drying in full sun to prevent colours fading!  Never, ever tumble dry!  By drying flat or hanging dry any wrinkles should drop out naturally.


3.  Avoid direct contact with sun creams and oils.   Fake tanning products are especially prone to staining so make sure self tanning products are fully dry before you put on your bikini, especially if wearing white or light colours.


4.  Hot tubs and spas have extra high levels of chlorine and chemicals which can cause your swimwear to degrade. Keep a separate bikini or cozzie especially for spas (one of your older ones!).


 5. Take care when sitting on rough surfaces around the side of swimming pools, decking or on rocks.  They can be abrasive and can snag the delicate fabric.  Make sure to sit on a towel instead.


6. Rotate your swimwear allowing at least 24 hours between wears to allow the fabric to relax back into place which helps maintain elasticity.  The perfect reason to pack plenty of 'kinis!


Utilising these few simple tips, your favourite pieces should stay in tiptop condition for many summers!


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