How To Get Great Holiday Photos

How To Get Great Holiday Photos

Great holiday photos aren't¬†always easy to get, especially if you have to rely on your partner to capture the moment! ūüėā ¬†Here are some¬†tips from our Koba photographer.


1.  Confident and gorgeous!

If you feel gorgeous in your bikini, confidence will radiate from your photos. Find the right style of swimwear for your body shape and which makes you feel the most comfortable.  If you feel good, you will look good!  


2.  Pick a good location

Look for an uncluttered back ground.  Avoid standing directly in front of objects. Move slightly to the side and try and frame the picture avoiding distracting objects like wastepaper bins and unsightly signs.



3.  Find the best light

Avoid when the sun is at its highest in the sky around midday as the sun casts harsh shadows which are unflattering.

The best times are early morning and 'golden hour' which is the¬†hour before sunset when the sun is low in the sky. ¬† ¬†If you have no choice,¬† find a nice shady spot to stand/sit¬†under such as a tree or parasol.¬†ÔĽŅ¬†¬†


Back lighting (when the sun is behind the subject) during golden hour when the sun is low creates gorgeous, dreamy pictures.  



4. Use Your Phone

You definitely don't need a super posh expensive camera to get a great photo.  There's a saying that the best camera is always 'the one you have with you' -  which is most usually your phone!  The quality of the latest generation of phone cameras is incredible and phones typically perform even better than the professional cameras in low light and nighttime.  




5. Change Angles

Don't always shoot at eye level. The most flattering angle (and we love flattering angles!) is when the photographer is a bit lower and shoots slightly upwards.  Pics taken looking down from higher up may be arty but can be unflattering creating shadows that look like extra chins and eye bags! It's quite ok to take food pics from above though! Mix up between close up and far away to make sure you capture some of the lovely scenery.



6. Strike a Pose! 

Try using movement to create great natural photos, especially if your subject is stiff in front of the camera.  Also consider using props.  Holding a drink, sunglasses or hat, eating an ice cream, sitting in a cute cafe with a coffee cup are all ways to create instaworthy pictures. 


7. Tell A Story

Don't forget to take pictures to capture the mood, for example the sunset, a lovely cocktail, the aeroplane, baskets in the market, sea shells etc.  Lunch or dinner is an easy memory to record.  Capturing small details on camera helps form the bigger picture of the holiday and is a great way to tell the story and remember the trip!  




8. Take Loads

If you have ever watched an Influencer take photos you'll know they literally take hundreds!  The law of averages says the more you take, the better the chance of getting one you love!  Afterwards, go through and 'favourite' the best ones and delete the rest!  Keep a few of the funny outtakes of course!  The 'live mode' on the Iphone is handy when it's really sunny as you can toggle back through the pictures to find ones with your eyes open! 


9. Get a Tripod and Use Self Timer

If you don't have anyone to take photographs with you (or they are just useless!) get yourself a lightweight phone tripod and take your own pictures using the self timer on your phone.  It's also a great option if you are a bit shy as you can find a spot such as a balcony where no-one is watching. 


10. Use Editing Apps

There are some amazing photo editing apps available.  Lightroom Mobile is free and is a phenomenal tool for adjusting colours and brightness etc.  Presets (filters) are available that can enhance  the most basic photos! You can even edit out objects (and people) in the background to tidy up the picture!  Other favourites are Colourtone and Tezza. 


Don't forget to tag @kobaswim in your holiday pics ūüŹĚ¬†



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