We Love Sea Turtles!

We Love Sea Turtles!
Sea turtles have been swimming the earth's oceans for over 100 million years!  They are an important part of the marine ecosystem but sea turtle populations are on the decline.  Nearly all seven species of sea turtle are classified as endangered, mainly due to human activity such as poaching and killing for turtle products and getting caught in fishing nets.

The Turtle Conservancy is a world wide charity dedicated to protecting threatened turtles and tortoises and their habitats worldwide, and to promoting their appreciation by people everywhere.   Koba Swim are proud to support their work through donating a portion of each sale and also raising funds through the sale of our charity friendship bracelets.

The Turtle Conservancy focus on 4 primary areas:

1. Conserving the turtle species in their natural habitat, including land acquisition. The Turtle Conservancy protects over 65,000 acres of wild land—safeguarding not only the turtles and tortoises but also a whole host of plants and animals that call these places home.

2. Maintaining captive breeding programs to help restore natural populations including those on The Top Endangered List.

3. Monitoring and helping to prevent trade that threatens species.  The Turtle Conservancy works closely with TRAFFIC in SE Asia to help address the illegal trade and poaching of sea turtles and tortoises.

4.  Spreading global awareness. Using social media, news letters as well as research and education programs The Turtle Conservancy is active in spreading awareness. 

For more information click here:  The Turtle Conservancy.

You can support by purchasing one of our Charity Friendship Bracelets with all profits going to the Turtle Conservancy.
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